Brainless: Huntington Beach Band Proudly Waves Hardcore Flag for Their Hometown

Photo: Chris Wolford

Brainless is a new hardcore band from Huntington Beach, California. I was put on to their demo by some friends, and I think this trio is worth a listen for fans of the current wave of heavy hardcore groups coming out of the Golden State.

I sat down with vocalist Shane Backer to find out more about all-things Brainless.

Did you guys all grow up in Orange County?
All four of us are from Huntington Beach, California. We grew up with each other and went to different schools together. Brainless is based in Huntington and we still all live here!

How and when did Brainless form?
We have always bonded heavily through art and music (especially hardcore music). The four of us have a history of playing in a band together already, so the formation of Brainless was as simple as jamming with each other out of leisure, there was no intention really.

After we wrote a few songs we loved the way it felt. Jam sessions started in August of 2021 and after a few songs were written we were just like fuck it lets record this and call it something. We recorded in October of 2021 and the demo was out January 2022.

What are some of your biggest influences?
Late '70s and '80s punk, '80s metal bands, East Coast hardcore music, and Terror. Huntington Beach has a heavy influence on our music as well, the history of punk rock in our city.

What bands did you all play in before?
We all had been in local bands since we were 15 years old, even younger. Thrash metal bands, metalcore, punk, hardcore, and so on. In 2011, the four of us linked up and started a beatdown band called Consequence. It had a fun but brief lifespan, we didn’t nurture the project and we all just stopped.

11 years later, here we are creating music together again, same exact dudes just a different band.

Photo courtesy of Brainless

What are your plans for the coming year? 

We definitely will have a new release for the year to come. The plan is to get on the road and share the stage with bands we love, and to record and drop the project we are working on at the moment.

Any bands from your area you think we should check out? 

Modern Color, Desmadre, Twist of Cain, and Jack Knife.


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