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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Kill Order

Band: Kill Order
From: Little Rock, Arkansas

Their formation story:
(Hunter Deaver, vocals): "Most of us have been in bands together in the past. Ryan, Dakota, and myself started jamming and actually wrote an entire set that we ended up scrapping. We added Jay to the mix and started writing heavier, more metallic stuff.

"We played shows for about 8 months and then added Michael as our second guitarist who really cemented in our sound."

Their sound in their own words:
"I would say the biggest influence for our sound would be Merauder and '90s NYHC bands like Vision of Disorder, Biohazard, etc. We obviously have a bit of a modern flair, but definitely pay a lot of homage to those bands."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release is definitely a step further into the direction we are trying to go as a band. A lot more moshier parts, double bass two-steps with some experimental stuff thrown in here and there. Trying to remain a hardcore band while having a ton of metal influence.

"Lyrically, I think it really encompasses how fucked up the world can be but with a little ray of hope sprinkled in."

Future plans:
"We just got off of a run and a tour back to back, so probably going to do a little bit of local stuff and write some new tracks until it’s time to hit the road again. We also have a music video dropping soon!"

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Firstly and foremost, Open Kasket. Zashed, Second Life, Violent Pact, Dryer Fire, Severe Headwound, Heldtight, and staples of the scene Terminal Nation and Morbid Visionz."


Hit the Kill Order Linktree to find all of their social media pages.


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