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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Inflicter

Band: Inflicter
From: Leeds, UK

Their formation story:
(Max, bass): "Inflicter started with myself, Tom, and Jasmin deciding we wanted to start a hardcore band sometime in February after discussing our love for 11pm Records bands. We got together in early April and wrote and recorded tracks 4,5,6, and 7 of the demo, and then brought Mia in later in the month to do the first three as a full band.

"We all know each other through being in different emo/alt rock bands (Muddle/Neiman) so it’s been fun to come together to do something different."

Their sound in their own words:
"Fast, aggressive, and dirty hardcore punk. We weren’t trying to go for a specific sound when writing our demo but are definitely influenced by the shows we go to - seeing Motive a few times in Leeds got us (Jasmin and I) to listen to more d-beat and get into the classic '80s bands like Discharge etc.

"Another big influence is releases put out by 11pm Records, especially those from Armor and Last Affront. Listening to the new Pest Control album many times has probably also influenced some of the riffs Tom wrote for the demo."

Latest release info:
"We released our first demo at the end of April and we're really happy with the reception it's received. All the songs were written the day of recording so it’s all happened pretty quickly. It’s Jasmin’s first time doing any kind of vocals and I did drums for a few of the tracks so it’s been fun to have a go at something new. Mia did drums on the first three songs without us having practiced together prior to the session, and nailed them after only a few takes.

"Everything was recorded/mixed etc by us. Noise Merchant Records have put it out on tape, go support them!"

Future plans:
"Our first show will be with Urban Sprawl in Leeds on 30th June. Bobby (Brainrotter Records) very kindly added us to the lineup, it's cool to be playing with a band this good for our first show! We also have a couple shows lined up in Manchester in August and something in Newcastle in September. Hope to tour at some point later in the year!

"Currently coming up with ideas for the next release, will hopefully get it recorded in the coming months."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"From Leeds, Motive and Blood Feud—both have demos out and are some of the best live bands ever. From Manchester—Spillage, Generation, and Moonflower. Also want to shout out Counterculture Records in Liverpool for putting on great shows and supporting new bands in the scene."


Inflicter on social media: Bandcamp


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