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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Feel Hope

Photo: Valeria Mitjurina

Band: Feel Hope
From: Tallinn, Estonia

Their formation story:
(Ed, guitar): "Somewhere in Summer 2021, Alex (vocals) and I thought of creating a hardcore band, with the aim to diversify the local scene with our own vision of the hardcore punk sound. Once we came up with two demo tracks, a mutual friend acquainted us with Slavik (drummer), who helped us enhance their vision to the next level. 

"The real call-to-action happened after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which pushed us to finalize our set of four songs in a quick manner and play our first solidarity gig as a trio for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

"Not much longer after that, we invited our friend Alexey to play bass with us. Then we recorded and released our three-song promo."

Their sound in their own words:
"We bring into the pot a lot of different influences. Mostly we get our inspiration from the collectives such as Terror, Turnstile, Rotting Out, Have Heart, Trapped Under Ice, Kickback, and Crown of Thornz.

"We think it’d be fair to say that our music is inspired by different sounds of '00s hardcore, but with slightly lower tuned instruments, giving the overall sound a darker element."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release consists of more defined and thorough songwriting, grasping inspiration from many bands mentioned earlier. Lyrically, we attempted to explore different subjects, such as the role of our actions within society, dealing with trauma, as well as the power of personal growth.

"We also paid homage to Albert Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus with one of the tracks." 

Future plans:
"After releasing our EP, New Day," on July 8th, we will go on a small trip across Baltics with a straight edge hardcore band from Brazil, Time and Distance. They also have recently released a new EP, actually. We will do a quick run through three countries with them in the Baltics: 14/08 - Tallinn, 15/08 - Riga, 16/08 - Vilnius."

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