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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Crosscheck

Photo:  Luke Moore 

Band: Crosscheck
From: Perth, Australia

Their formation story:
(Vocalist Andy Kelly): "In 2019, George (drummer) and myself were at a local show, of which was few and far between due to lack of bands. We hadn’t done any music projects for a little while and decided to start a straight up Baltimore/NYHC influenced band. We all love ice hockey so finding our name came about real easy."

Their sound in their own words:
"It’s punchy hardcore, made to make you 2 step. We still take heavily from the Baltimore scene but we are influenced by such a wide variety of hardcore including our own Australian community. If I had to pick some bands most influenced by it would be, DARE, No Option, End It, and Rotting Out."

Newest release info:
"The EP was recorded between August-November 2022 in Perth, Western Australia. It’s 3 short, sharp tracks with bite. Lyrically, both tracks, 'Washed' and 'We Don’t Care,' take on issues of toxic masculinity still in our community, they’re very much a 'get up & get out' to those who don’t know respect. Track 2, 'All or Nothing,' is more about being yourself, no matter who stands in your way."

Future plans:
"We’ve already started writing more new stuff so hopefully an EP that’s longer then three tracks. Definitely getting around Australia a bit more and just continue to enjoy doing what we do."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Closed Off!, End It All, No Brainer, No Future, Freak Vibe, Shattered, every band on Loudmouth Records, and so many more!"

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