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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Cockring

Photo: Michael Mygind

Band: Cockring
From: Sacramento, California

Their formation story:
(Vocalist Noah): "Caleb (drums) and I had been writing music together here and there, not really going anywhere with it just having fun and doing whatever while the lockdowns were still in place. Funny enough, we met J (guitar) on a gay app called Scruff, ended up talking in depth about hardcore and punk, our experiences growing up around Sacramento, going to shows around here, navigating the scene in our younger years as queer punks, etc., and said why don't we make something happen?

"So we wrote a few songs, I was playing bass originally before we met Cameron who took over—which, thank god, [laughs] because I can't keep up with the faster songs at all."

Their sound in their own words:
"We're a hardcore punk band, kinda taking more from punk than hardcore I think. Biggest influences are definitely Ceremony, Sabertooth Zombie, SQRM—honestly our whole thing is just trying to kind of recreate the sounds and styles that got us excited when we first dove into hardcore as teenagers and having fun with it."

Latest releas info:
"Our newest release is a split tape with Fastcase, a really fun grindy hardcore band also from Sacramento. We both started playing shows around the same time and it just felt right doing a tape with them, almost to be like a time capsule for us of what our scene is like right now.

"When we wrote the songs we were just feeling stoked and inspired by all the bands we played with while touring last year and wanted to work that into our sound. The whole thing kinda feels like a celebration of the experiences we've had as a band so far."

Future plans:
"Working on an LP, planning a PNW tour. Being cute and having fun."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Fastcase, for sure. OXY, Defective Chain, Earth Exit, Holehog, Malandro. There's so much cool shit happening here right now."

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