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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: HardLuck.MF

Photo: @mattekinzz 

Band: HardLuck.MF
From: Phoenix, Arizona

Their formation story:
(Drew, drums): "Josh (guitar) and I were working on trying to jam a little something different than what we had done before. We had been jamming for a few months, after I had moved to Phoenix, some different type of things. One day Josh came in to jam and played the very first riff for 'Only Way Out' as he was warming up and I had an idea for it on drums and then we jammed and finished and said, 'that’s the first song.' 

"Josh and I met for a few more weeks and wrote a few more songs and we had the idea to bring Blake along and try him as a vocalist. Blake had never been in a band before and he killed it from day 1 with this band, a perfect fit. We wrote a few more weeks with Blake and then we asked our friend Andrew to join on bass. A little after that we figured out a name, and played our first gig!"

Their sound in their own words:
(Drew): "Whenever I’m asked what do we sound like I always say hardcore thrash/crossover. Definitely influenced by Leeway, Judas Priest, Fire & Ice, Power Trip, Prong, Sepultura, Iron Age, and Violation." 

Latest release info:
(Blake, vocals): "This whole All That's Left for You EP is pretty personal to me. I wrote these lyrics while I was struggling mentally as a way to acknowledge that pain and frustration, but not give in to it. A lot of it had to do with changing my mindset, growing from past trauma, utilizing pain and hatred in more positive ways than I have been shown in the past.

"Front to back, the EP kind of goes from acknowledgment to embracing it all. Though, 'Loose End' is a song with a bit of a different motive about those who act like they have contributed to things in our lives, but have given us nothing."

Future plans:
(Drew): "We have some local shows coming up over the next few months and we are starting to print some merch and try and do as much as we are able to!"

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Phoenix has a lot of bands worth mentioning! Get a Grip, Groin, Skin Ticket, One Life Taken, Dreamcast, GEMM, Beyond All Doubt, Free From Concern, The Executed, Two Guns, Final Stance, Beg For Life, CHAIN, Thra, Fortuna Malvada.

"There's definitely have a lot of good shit coming out of AZ!"

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