Song of the Day

Raw Peace, “No Peace,” from Hand of Death (2017)

Outside of the band being based out of Ghent, Belgium, I don't know any other biographical information about Raw Peace. On the musical tip, the band write short and speedy songs that fans of Ripcord, Final Conflict, and Skitsystem will give a thumbs up to. 

"No Peace" is the first track on Raw Peace's brand-new Hand of Death demo, and it's a barn burner! For its 1:11 duration, the song never lets up. The guitar and bass tones are fittingly lo-fi, and Tiji's drum performance comes through with Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor-like energy. I also love how Stijn's vocals have an echoing reverb effect on them. Sometimes a small sonic detail like that can make such a huge difference. 

Head over to Raw Peace's Bandcamp page to download their Hand of Death demo.

Tagged: d-beat, hardcore, punk, raw peace