Song of the Day

Morfin, “Reincarnated,” from Consumed by Evil (FDA Records, 2017)

From the band's earlier primitive stuff to the technically-minded material that came later, I'm one of those people who loves every Death album. From the sound of it, Morfin worship at the altar of Leprosy-era Death, and fuck, I love them for it.

Coming off thier forthcoming Consumed by Evil album, "Reincarnated" is a blitzkrieg of classic death metal that swiftly will turn you into a Morfin believer. The Pico Rivera, California-based quartet come out with all guns blazing on the track, driven forth by an uncompromising barrage of icy guitar riffs and fast-paced drums. Jesus Romero's guitar solo is also praise-worthy, spiraling around Eddie Andrade's double-bass patterns with an expert fluidity.

Consumed by Evil will be out May 5 via FDA Records and can be pre-ordered now.

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