Song of the Day

Kite Fight, “Try Deny” (2017)

Just a few days ago, former Snapcase guitarist Scott Dressler emailed me with a link to his current band, Kite Fight. I'm glad he did.

Also featuring guitarist Steve Kabza (The Exit Union), and drummer Tim Turcott (Copper), Kite Fight finds the veteran musicians writing melodic post-punk with plenty of hooks to it. "Try Deny" is lifted off the band's self-titled 2017 EP, and it's a perfect example of what Kite Fight is about.

Instead of a bassist, the group utilize a baritone guitar (handled by Dressler, who is also the vocalist) to supply the bottom end, and "Try Deny" includes a breakdown section where you can hear the unique instrumentation work off of each other.

Dressler, Kabza, and Turcott also played together in Kite-Eating Tree, and their chemistry is undeniable on this Kite Fight material. The Philly-based trio just announced their first show, so hopefully they can continue to develop what they have going together, because the results so far are top notch.

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