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Jeff Caudill, “Voice” (Revelation Records, 2017)

In early 2016, the underground music world lost one of its sweetest and most talented singers with the death of Jon Bunch. I had the honor of becoming friends with Bunch after touring with him back in the '00s while he was a member of Further Seems Forever. The California native had also played in such bands as Reason to Believe and War Generation, but he'll always be best known for his time fronting Sense Field.

Now over a year after Bunch's passing, his friend, musician Jeff Caudill, has released an acoustic version of Sense Field's "Voice" as a tribute to the late singer. Caudill has been cranking high-quality melodic rock via his work with Gameface since the '90s, and he joined the surviving members of Sense Field to perform "Voice" at the East Coast Jon Bunch memorial concert, but the version on this new 7" is a different take on the track.

Here, Caudill stays true to Bunch's original vocal melody, but he eschews the quiet/loud approach of the Sense Field original and stays on the softer side of the dynamics spectrum. Caudill's reworking is a perfect reminder of how gifted Bunch was at working a gorgeous and memorable vocal.

Pick up a copy of the "Voice" 7" b/w Caudill's acoustic cover of Black Sabbath's "Wishing Well" directly from Revelation Records.

*Jeff Caudill photo on homepage courtesy of Facebook.

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