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Flexure, “Chain” (2019)

Flexure is a new punk band comprised of folks from such outfits as Provoke, No Babies, Cinza, and Trenches. The Oakland, CA-based quartet keep things nice and simple, with classic-sounding guitar riffs that hark back to early hardcore. The vocals are delivered with a crystal-clear authority, also packing tons of attitude in each line. 

Released in January of this year, Flexure's self-titled demo is a great showcase for the group. If I had to choose, "Chain" would be my pick for its strongest track. I love the combination of the clarity in the vocals with the old-school guitar tone and the way the fast part creeps up a few seconds into the verse. 

Photo: Hector Esqueda

You can download the entire Flexure 2019 demo on their Bandcamp page.


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