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Civil Unrest, “Braindead,” from Runnin' with the Demo (2019)

Cleveland's hardcore pedigree cannot be ignored with such beloved bands as Integrity, Confront, and Face Value all started in the city. The latest outfit to come out of the Ohio city is a quartet calling themselves Civil Unrest. The band is comprised of musicians who have played in such groups as Mongoloids, Know the Score, and Horror Show. The band's brand-new Runnin' with the Demo release showcases their love for late '80s hardcore.

I went with "Braindead," but I could have easily chosen any other of the 4 tracks featured on the demo to present Civil Unrest's bare-bones style, which brings to mind Breakdown, the Abused, and Warzone.

As you can see below, Civil Unrest understand the power of an ignorant band photo:

Photo: Mike Burger

Check out the rest of the Civil Unrest demo on their Bandcamp page and stay tuned for more from the band in 2019.

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