Song of the Day

Chain Reaction, “Past Lives,” from Hangman (Six Feet Under Records/Control Records, 2017)

Chain Reaction unites former members of such Belgian hardcore bands as Rise and Fall, Kingpin, and Spirit of Youth. Listening to "Hangman," the title track to their debut EP, it seems as though the main objective for the new band was to pay tribute to their classic NYHC influences.

There's nothing fussy about the arrangement on "Hangman," just straight-forward riffing that pays off dividends in the head-bopping category. For most of the track, the band ride out the mid-paced groove out nicely, until the closing section where they introduce a fat-ass mosh part that brought a smile to my grill.

Hangman will be issued in the States by Six Feet Under Records, and in Europe, by Control Records, in late November.

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