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3weekoldroses, “1 of 6” (2019)

I’m not really up to date on Philly’s indigenous flora. Until further notice, I’m proclaiming it the land of 3weekoldroses. Following up their 2017 debut LP, Nothing Against You, 3weekoldroses are back with an absolutely blistering new track. The song in question—“1 of 6”—doubles down on their impassioned, fiery take on metallic Youth Crew. With but one new song to satiate my appetite for more tracks, let’s hope the title is not so subtly foreshadowing an EP, perhaps a half dozen of these?! 

As is the case with most hardcore bands coming of age in the ‘oughts, there are some clear through lines in 3weekoldroses. There’s a hyper literate lyrical sensibility that plays like a more traditional American Nightmare. Wordplay that stretches beyond hardcore tropes always get my attention and the opaque approach adds dimension to the song. Clearly enunciated lines spit as poetics like “even giants lay to sleep”, “the needle of passion a silent obsession” or “...wildfires underneath my skin” belie a band determined to dig deeper. 

Photo: Madison Kohler

Musically, they mine similar territory to In This Defiance-era Strife or In My Eyes with the added dynamics of both toughness and a palpable desperation. The Youth Crew end of their collective spectrum is a notch heavier than is tradition, ensuring themselves a place at the table in 2019.

As much as there’s a passing resemblance to Ecostrike, True Love, or Discrepancy; there are moments that find them taking a (final) backwards glance at the Bane catalog. Fans of both Guns Up! and Down to Nothing will likely take comfort in the straightforward viciousness on display. 

Photo: Anne Spina

“1 of 6” starts with a stuttered riff. Following a melancholic and plainspoken “dancing through raindrops," the song springboards into propulsive Youth Crew with a metallic edge that’d make the Bringin’ It Down crew proud. After the exhilarating first act of traditional and fast-paced hXc passes, each line ends with brick wall punctuation, with “1 of 6” bellowed en masse as a forceful gang vocal. If there’s a moment on the track destined for the chaos of mic-stealing pileups and sweaty singalongs, surely it’s this one. 

Fittingly, the back third of this raging single recalls the band that’s recently broken the hardcore internet. When the riff drops out to highlight the insistent and harrowing staccato vocals, there’s an undeniable Have Heart influence. 3weekoldroses trade in the same cathartic, build and release framework that Flynn and Co. made damn near a trademark. Far worse inspiration than Beantown’s finest. 

Photo: Brandon Bermudez Media

Based on the name, you’d be forgiven for expecting 3weekoldroses to be an altogether different proposition. They were shockingly fully formed and ambitious enough to bypass a demo and release an LP. If “1 of 6” tells us anything, it’s that they’re deadly serious about craft. Whatever comes next, I hope it’s a full-length flower delivery. 

In just days, you’ll catch ‘em hitting the road with Gumm, as well as a moshtastic meetup with Foreign Hands, Judiciary, and more in Philly. Wilkes-Barre, y’all will have a chance to get pummeled March 30. Treat yourselves. It’s the year of self love. 


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