Bishops Green: Vancouver Street Punk Unit Returns With “Your Paradox” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Artus Feists

Bishops Green have steadily built their rock-solid reputation since forming in the spring of 2011. Influenced by such legends as The Clash, Cock Sparrer, and Blitz, the Vancouver-based unit clearly understands how to craft anthems for the street punk set.

Now that shows are coming back full swing, Bishops Green are ready to bring their brawl music to audiences again. In fact, they'll be heading to Europe for a tour next month. In perfect timing, Bishops Green will have fresh material to showcase on the trek because they're gearing up to drop Black Skies, a new 7-song EP.

No Echo got the early jump on a track from the forthcoming record called "Your Paradox" for our readers to check out:

Bishops Green vocalist Greg Huff sent us his thoughts on "Your Paradox":

"It’s about living a fake life. They’ve been handed everything in life, and they’ve never had to use their brain or take the path we took. It’s about the working-class people like us and the entitlement of others. Their bullshit, their fake dreams, their writing is on the walls." 

Black Skies will be out on May 20th via Pirates Press Records (pre-order is live).

Bishops Green European tour dates:
05/06/2022 - Chemnitz, Germany - AJZ Chemnitz
05/07/2022 - Osnabruck, Germany - Bastard Club
05/08/2022 - Athens, Greece - An Club
05/10/2022 - Kassel, Germany - Goldgrube
05/11/2022 - Paris, France - Gibus Club
05/12/2022 - Dijon, France - Les Tannerie
05/13/2022 - Montpellier, France - Secret Place
05/15/2022 - Luzern, Switzerland - Musikzentrum Sedel
05/17/2022 - Schweinfuhrt, Germany - Sdatbanhof
05/18/2022 - Essen, Germany - Don’t Panic
05/19/2022 - Aachen, Germany - Musikbunker-Aachen E.V.
05/20/2022 - Weinheim, Germany - Cafe Central
05/21/2022 - Berlin, Germany - Punk & Disorderly Festival
05/22/2022 - Lodz, Poland - Magnetofon
05/23/2022 - Kosice, Slovakia - Collosseum Club
05/24/2022 - Ostrava-Mesto, Czechia - Barrak Music Club
05/25/2022 - Wien, Austria - Viper Room
05/26/2022 - Innsbruck, Austria - Livestage
05/27/2022 - Bologna, Italy - Freakout Club
05/28/2022 - Cordenons, Italy - Rock Town


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