Freewill: Melodic Hardcore Band Returns with “Ballad of Mark David Cox” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Travis Guichard

Citing such influences as Dag Nasty and Verbal Assault, Freewill is a melodic hardcore band formed all the way back in 1987. Originally signed to Wishingwell Records (Uniform Choice, Shades Apart), the Southern California group eventually split apart after the label went under while still holding onto to their album's master tapes. "In the late ’90s, Dubar sold our record to Lost & Found in Europe and then claimed the record had been "bootlegged,'" Freewill bassist Mike Hartsfield (also of New Age Records, Dear Furious, Outspoken) told me in an interview earlier this year.

In the years after their break up, interest in Freewill somehow grew, despite only officially releasing a demo in 1988. Making their comeback show at the Jon Bunch memorial show in early 2016, Hartsfield went on to release the band's Wishingwell Records album, Sun Return, in 2016. Mankind Records also issued a self-titled EP with new material from the band last year.

Today, I'm bringing you the exclusive premiere of "Ballad of Mark David Cox," a new track from Freewill that will appear on their forthcoming sophomore album. The track has a melancholic yet ballsy sound that brings to mind No Knife and Samiam, which for me is a musical match made in heaven.

I'll keep No Echo readers posted as Freewill firm up their future album plans, but in the meantime, head to Facebook and check out their page for more info.

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