Immortal, Northern Chaos Gods (Nuclear Blast, 2018)

The Norwegian black metal gods Immortal have returned with their first album in almost a decade. 

Northern Chaos Gods is also the band's their first album without founding frontman Abbath.

If you’re asking yourself “does it feel the same without Abbath?” The answer is no. This feels very much like they just took the formula found on their later records and most current black metal bands albums.  

This doesn’t mean this is a bad record. It comes out swinging with some of that classic Norwegian flavor. Considering they don’t have Abbath anymore, it seems like they have to prove extra hard that they are still a force to be reckoned with. 

Standout tracks include “Into Battle Ride,” which sounds like just that, storming into a battle, with no abandon. Epic closer “Mighty Ravendark,” which comes as close to the classic immortal sound as you’ll get on this record, is another stunner.

Photo: Anne Swallow

Overall, while this isn’t a bad record, it’s definitely more for diehard fans who’s Immortal collection is feeling dry, and are looking for something new. While it has moments calling back to the old days, the general sound is more akin to more contemporary black metal bands like Watain and Craft, rather than that primitive sound Immortal was once known for. 

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