Black Math Horseman, Black Math Horseman (Profound Lore Records, 2022)

As much as memory and nostalgia can appeal to some, I find them an occasional hindrance.

As curious as I was about this latest EP from Black Math Horseman, I was initially concerned my nostalgia for their 2009 record, Wyllt, would get in the way.

For as hard as time can be to comprehend or understand, Black Math Horseman simultaneously reminded me of why I first enjoyed their music as well as surpassed any idea or expectations in hearing new music from them.

I've followed the musical output of vocalist Sera Timms for over a decade now, and it is exciting to hear how her voice is consistent in its mysterious qualities. I don't remember exactly but I vaguely recall an interview with Sera in the past where she described herself as a "seeker" of esoteric and spiritual studies.

There is entrancing energy throughout each part of this self-titled EP that I know will excite both old and new fans of Black Math Horseman. 

While the music certainly stands on its own, the video shot for "The Bough" enhances the EP and reveals more of the allure to be found as Sera does a veiled dance spliced together with a band performance; the balance of darkness and light is constantly shifting in the music of Black Math Horseman. 

I'm not exactly sure how to state this, but part of the importance of this EP is that I feel like it reminds us as listeners to enjoy mystery and intrigue. While clarity and concise detail have their place in life, creative arts can offer a time of discovery to allow inhibitions to fall away and let the music or other art form guide your experience. 

I'm not sure if they intend to tour at all, but I can only imagine these songs would be even more exciting to hear in a club or theater. 

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