5 Punk Songs That Changed My Life, by Brian McTernan (vocalist of Be Well)

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Be Well is a melodic hardcore band based out of the DC area comprised of vocalist Brian McTernan (Battery, Ashes), drummer Shane Johnson (Fairweather), bassist Aaron Dalbec (Bane, Converge, Ten Yard Fight), and the guitar team of Peter Tsouras (Fairweather) and Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour, Battery). 

As you can see by the pedigree of the musicians involved, Be Well is packed with talent, but as we've all seen before, that doesn't always equate with quality results when a supergroup pops up. Luckily for us, Be Well more than deliver on their two-track single from late 2019.

No Echo has been covering the quintet since they first appeared last year, and if you've missed those pieces, check out the new lyric video for "Frozen," one of the tracks from Be Well's aforementioned single. The clip was made by Brian since he told No Echo that he "misses lyrics sheets," which is a completely noble reason:

The Be Well single is available for streaming/purchase via Equal Vision at this link.

As an added bonus, Be Well vocalist Brian McTernan has sent us a list of 5 songs from the worlds of melodic punk and hardcore with lyrics that have changed his life:

Gorilla Biscuits, “New Direction” 

After three decades of hardcore being central in my universe, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m a lifer. In fact, one of my vivid childhood memories is putting this record on for the first time. As a kid who never fit in, I immediately connected with it. Now as a dad who still feels that I will never fit in, I connect with it all over again. It’s rare that a record can be so immediate and have the kind of staying power that this does. These lyrics exemplify the passion and relatability that made me fall in love with this music in the first place.

7 Seconds, “Man Enough to Care”

As a super sensitive kid struggling to find myself, this song meant everything. 7 Seconds shaped so many of the ways that I processed the world around me when I was growing up. This song is so important and inspiring, and it was the furthest thing from mainstream attitudes at the time.

Farside, “I Hope You’re Unhappy” 

One of my favorite songs, written by one of my favorite bands, and sung by one of my favorite people. This song breaks my heart anew with every listen. It’s beautiful, painful, and perfect.

Turning Point, “Before the Dawn”

This record was a game-changer for me when it came out. The energy and musicality are unreal, and the breakdowns are powerful without having a tough guy vibe. The thing that was most inspiring for me was how deeply personal the lyrics were. They caught me where I was. Growing up in DC, I loved the introspective nature of the Dischord bands, but I also loved the energy and immediacy of what was happening up and down the East Coast in the hardcore scene. Turning Point bridged that gap for me.

Rites of Spring - “Drink Deep” Rites Of Spring

This record articulated so many things that I thought that but could never say. I sincerely think about this song every single day.


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