Touch: Budapest Band Returns With Killer Hardcore Via “Disengagement” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Márton Bodnár

It's been a few years since I first told you about Touch. The last time out, the Budapest-based hardcore quintet was promoting their awesome full-length record, The Darkness Reflects.

If you haven't heard them before, Touch have a sound that brings to mind the groove-driven side of the hardcore sound. Formed in 2014, the band cites such influences as Burn, Absolution, and Bad Brains, as well as classic DC hardcore.

Touch will be dropping a new EP called Deliverance soon, and No Echo has the early jump on "Disengagement," an excellent song to set the record's release up. The track features clean guest vocals from Ákos Déri of Hungarian experimental rock band Berriloom and the Doom:

Touch guitarist Laszlo said the following about "Disengagement":

"Generally speaking, this song is about burnout. We always look back, what period of our lives brought us the most satisfaction, compare the present with the past. It can be a useful reflection but also leads to (toxic) pursuit of happiness.

"How can we manage the state of emotional and mental exhaustion? How can we leave behind every anchor in our mind? We have to find the asnwer to these questions in each stages of our lives. Finding new ways, new strategies to fight against burnout."

Photo: Gergely Ofner

Deliverance will be out soon via Solace Music.

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