Demons: Virginia Outfit Keeps Their Winning Streak Alive via “Nothing at the Bottom” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Keith Baillargeon

Demons is a band based out of Norfolk, Virginia that has appeared on this very site a few times already.

Fusing everything from hardcore to noise rock to sludge together in their arrangements, the quartet released an excellent LP last year called Privation that followed 2017's Embrace Wolf album, and handful of EPs/singles. 

Now working with Knife Hits Records, Demons will be releasing Swallow, a pissed-off four-track EP that should raise their profile within the heavy music community. Take a listen to the EP's third track, "Nothing at the Bottom," to see why we're fans of these guys:

Demons vocalist/guitarist Zach Gehring told No Echo a bit about "Nothing at the Bottom":

"The song is concerned, not with the existence or non-existence of some singular truth, but that even if it does exist or is present, we don't have any access to it because our experience is so thoroughly mediated.

"It won't be 'revealed' no matter how creative people are in the conceptualizing (marketing) of a path towards it. I'm very suspicious of those claiming to have productive insight into that gap because I think it's too often the source of manipulation, trauma, and hurt." 

Swallow will be released on cassette and digitally on September 2nd via Knife Hits Records (pre-order).

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