The Hate: Las Vegas Band Supplies Chaotic Metallic Hardcore via Debut EP

Photo: Charlie Blasco

The Hate is a Las Vegas-based band that formed in 2018, releasing two demos—Forever Ender and White Noise—to get trouheir story started. After some lineup changes, the group solidified into their current unit.

"I was able to wrangle up longtime friends and former bandmates Charlie Blasco (Narrowed, Peaceful Retreat), Jeremy Thunender (Bogtrotters Union, Hand of Doubt), and Andrew Houle (Keepsake, Hand of Doubt)," The Hate vocalist/guitarist Chris Duggan tells me about their current lineup.

Coming out next month, The Hate's self-titled debut EP is a healthy dose of dizzying metallic hardcore that keeps the tempos thrusting forward with force and the riffing serpentine in their unexpected movements.

"I’d say we sound like a horrible version of Baptists or Birds In Row, if you handed them random instruments in a dark room and said, 'Play something left handed,'" Chris says.

"Our influences would obviously be them, plus Converge, Holy War, God Mother… maybe a lil' Alice In Chains, but I wouldn’t say we sound much like any of them. Also, Every Time I Die is a big influence for me."

Outside of The Hate, I ask Chris what other bands are poppin' in Sin City right now. "The Vegas scene is on fucking fire right now. From indie and shoegaze to doom, punk and hardcore, this city is steeped in musical talent.

"A few Vegas bands to keep your eye on are Anti Vision, Beau, Khasm, King of Heck, Lords of Death, Mercy Music, Morosis, Plague Doctor, Sani Bronco, Sunroom, and The End of Everything. And honestly, that isn’t even half of the best bands playing in the valley right now."


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As our chat comes to an end, Chris wants to make sure the following gets across for anyone who digs into the lyrics he's written for The Hate. "Despite the band’s name and the sound of the songs I write, I’m a pretty happy guy. I really don’t take anything too seriously. As a band, we’re usually laughing when we aren’t playing these songs."

For you gearheads, Chris I builds custom effects pedals under the name No One Cares.

The Hate EP will be released on June 3rd via all major digital platforms.

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