Arm's Reach: Arizona HC Band's Fuel to My Hate EP Was Made for These Times (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jorge Santacruz

I feel like a broken record when it comes to Arizona hardcore, which I and many others continue to have a front row seat to see continue to grow. In the absence of shows for a year, which may be for the better, but still fucking sucks, Arizona and scenes across the map have carried on with their creative output.

Keep the spirit alive, if you will. When all this shit finally settles, whenever that may be, it’ll be a scene renewed. 

Arm’s Reach are one of many torchbearers of AZHC, but their spite is uniquely venomous, with their newest EP, Fuel to My Hate, a siege of riffs, snarls and hardcore spirit.

Blisteringly paced, the EP’s 7 tracks are razor sharp, a dash of Still Nothing Moves You vitriol and Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God weariness with Arm’s Reach’s uncompromising energy.


Timely in its subject matter, Fuel to My Hate shreds, both with words and guitar, everything from cops to organized religion. This take-no-prisoners approach imbues their songs with a bestial lens of society, ready to rip it apart only to build it anew.

This is classically-rendered anthemic hardcore, music with much to say, but rather than saying it, Arm’s Reach, with its whole being, roars it. 

Fuel to My Hate was mixed, engineered and produced by Jorge Santacruz at Jungle Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Arm's Reach will be performing a livestream from the Nile Theater on March 5th at 7pm PT at this link.

The EP is available now on digitally, and the details for the vinyl version will be available on Arm’s Reach’s Instagram.

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