Kumite: Florida Band Proudly Waves ‘00s Beatdown Hardcore Flag on “Dying Time” (PREMIERE)

Kumite can best be described a band playing "heavy music." Based in Tallahassee, Florida, the group ensnarls elements of metallic hardcore, death metal, and slam into its songwriting web, coming out a brutal sound that crosses over into several genre buckets.

The trio say they proudly wave the flag for mid-'00s beatdown and hardcore. "The intention was never to break new ground," Kumite vocalist Luis Gonzalez tells No Echo. "The intention was never to elicit thought-provoking responses, we just wanted to be a soundtrack to every fight, every ass whooping and conflict around the world.

"It’s caveman revenge music, straight and to the point. If you want poetry and/or articulate and concise lyricism, you’re gonna have to look elsewhere. This is the soundtrack to your ass whoopin'."

Listen to a track called "Dying Time" from Kumite's forthcoming demo to get in on the aural beating:

Luis from Kumite leaves us with the following thoughts:

"Lyrically, I wasn’t going for anything clever, I felt like it was important just to say how I felt. I was angry when I thought of this band, I was angry when I wrote the lyrics and I was angry when we recorded them.

"I only have so many outlets to just say how I feel unfiltered and at the top of my lungs and really this band is just conveying how much hostility I can end up storing. If people like it cool, if not that’s fine as well. We’re not all poets and we’re not all blessed with a gift of gab but I know I can yell really loud and I can sure cuss a lot."

Featuring cover art by Jon Mayo, Kumite's demo will be out on May 6th via KOTP Records.


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