Kings Never Die: Members of Dog Eat Dog, Biohazard Are “Side by Side” on New Track (PREMIERE)

Boasting a lineup consisting of musicians who have also been members of such bands as Murphy's Law, Biohazard, and Mucky Pup, the gentlemen of Kings Never Die can definitely be called hardcore lifers.
The group—vocalist Dylan Gadino, guitarist Dan Nastasi, drummer Danny Schuler, guitarist Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda, and bassist Jason Kalfin—formed in 2018.

Describing the NJ/NY-based outfit's style, Nastasi told No Echo in a previous interview: "...it's way stronger and harder than what I think people may be expecting, the songs are to the point. Label it or not, it's just a straight-forward hardcore punk rock band."

Kings Never Die last appeared on the site around the time of their 2020 debut EP, Raise a Glass, and their about to return to record stores with some new heat. Out next month, Good Times and the Bad is a 4-song EP that we're gonna tease up today with the premiere of a music video for its second track, "Side by Side."

You might recognize some faces in this one:

Kings Never Die guitarist Dan Nastasi told No Echo the following about the track:

“Simply put, 'Side by Side' is about respect, humility, the love for the people in your lives, and the grind we are in together. Brotherhood!”

Good Times and the Bad will be out July 1st via Fast Break! Records (pre-order).
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