Interlace: '90s Swedish Hardcore Band on Their Return w/ As the Blood Thickens EP

"The band was formed in the early '90s in Linköping, Sweden," says Interlace guitarist Viktor Vogel. "As for many other bands from Linköping during that era, everything centered around the local club Skylten and the vibrant (and almost mainstream) hardcore scene at the time"

No Echo is chatting with Viktor about all-things Interlace in celebration of the band's new EP, As the Blood Thickens, their first new material in many years. But back to the history lesson.

"After a first split cassette (A Split Vision) in 1995, Interlace released the song 'The Ender of Me' on the Bridge of Compassion Records compilation LKPG Hardcore (Where We Belong) in 1996. The band then got the opportunity to record its first and only album to date, Universal. It was released in 1997 by Bridge of Compassion Records.

"The last recording before breaking up was a metal-inspired 4-song demo. This recording never saw the light of day but is still around. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording is beyond saving — even with the modern tools and filters of today."

Here's Interlace's comeback EP, As the Blood Thickens:

What did the Interlace guys do in the years away from the band? "Cribbe (drums) stopped playing some 15 years ago but from our break up in 1998 till then," says Viktor, "he was active in various local metal and rock bands: Rosewell, the Superiors, Circle Six. Jens continued creating a lot of music in bands such as the Comedy STHML, Vi som Älskade Varandre så Mycket, etc. Jonas had a brief session in the Swedish harcdcore/metallband Nine. Viktor did a lot of electronical/techno music."

Photo provided by the band

So, how and when did the Interlace get back together? Viktor offers up the story: "Jens (our lead guitarist) initiated this reunion in fall 2019. It took us a few months to get aligned and organized until we started bouncing inspiration and ideas to each other on Whatsapp…more on the process of putting the songs together in next chapter."

Photo provided by the band

No Echo asks Viktor about the Swedish hardcore scene Interlace grew up in back in the day. "We come from the city of Linköping in Sweden. The Linköping hardcore scene was vibrant during the '90s when our band was formed. A lot of US hardcore bands toured the smaller cities of Sweden during their European tours – including Linköping and the venue called Skylten.

Great US bands like Integrity, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, CIV, Shelter, God Bullies, Ashes, Shift, Battery, Strife, Metroshifter, and Biohazard came through Skylten/Linköping. Amazing shows!"

Photo provided by the band

Speaking of the US/Swedish hardcore connection, Viktor leaves us with the following: "Everyone in Interlace loved Metroshifter and listened to their records a lot back then (and also now). It tuns it out that one of the band members moved to Sweden and lives here in Stockholm, not far from Jens and myself.

"He also jumped in as stand-in bass player in the screamo band Vi som älskade varandra så mycket that Jens is involved in. It’s a small world."

As the Blood Thickens is out now.


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