Home Invasion: Chicago Straight Edge Hardcore Outfit Unleashes Pure Power on New Tracks

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Home Invasion is a straight edge hardcore punk outfit from Chicago, Illinois that formed back in 2018. The members have also done time in such bands as Guts and Glory, Noose, and Absolute Truth.

"Chris and I had been done with Guts and Glory for a while and we wanted to start something new," Home Invasion drummer Nick said about the band's formation.

"I wrote a handful of riffs and recruited longtime friends Kyle and Johnny to round everything out. It was mainly just a reason to hang out and play shows when life allowed it. We were slow to get things rolling and then of course the pandemic hit, causing us to delay recording and playing an actual show. It wouldn't be until late 2020 that an actual demo was recorded. Fast forward to sometime in 2022, we now have James on vocals and Andy on second guitar."

In terms of their sound, Home Invasion cite such influences as Gauze, Think I Care, and Bastard, which simply means that their approach is on the blunt side of the hardcore spectrum.

WAR Records will be releasing Home Invasion's debut full-length album in early 2024, and you can check out two tracks from it below. "You can hear a little bit of each of those bands in Home Invasion," Nick said about the tracks we're featuring today.

“'Never Silent' is a song about how my brain will never shut the fuck up, and I can’t really do anything to turn the volume down, so I just have to deal with it and be jealous of everyone else who’s brains are quiet," vocalist James said via email. "It sounds like it could have been on the Guts and Glory demo, where as a song like 'Insignificance' sounds like it could been on the Noose or Duress demo," wrote Nick.

"We all bring something different to the mix which is fun. If you know us (as individuals), you could probably tell who wrote which songs. We tend to keep things fast, unpolished and will throw in a heavy break here and there."

Home Invasion guitarist Andy said the following about the album's creation process: "Recording the record with Pete [Grossman] at Bricktop Recording was a blast. A couple of us have recorded with him a handful of times in other projects and it’s always great. There are some songs that were re-recorded with new lyrics and a new singer. We’re proud of the record and excited for people to hear it." 

Photo: John Hambone

Some of the members of Home Invasion are proud IBEW union brothers so touring might be tough to pull off, but they certainly are going to playing out as much as they can.

"We’re playing a show this Monday (11/20) with our friends in En Love and Snuffed. We also plan on doing a weekend run with Snuffed in the spring (details TBD). We’re looking for some more stuff next year, so please drop us a line!"


The debut Home Invasion LP will be released in late spring of 2023 via WAR Records.

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