Easy Money: Arizona Hardcore Group Busts Out Chugging Riffs on “Stalk”

Photo: Marvin Krampe

Arizona’s Easy Money are here to unleash their gleefully ignorant and irresponsibly heavy hardcore for all to see with the video for “Stalk.”

Off their split with the UK’s Bun Dem Out, “Stalk” is that slow burn, beat-up-your-friends-for-fun hardcore, a chugathon of heavy hands and beefier riffs.

Filmed and edited by Niclas Breves of Edge Media, the ferality of Easy’s Money live set is encapsulated perfectly throughout with a montage of pits brimming with punched faces:

Easy Money bristles with malice with each brake-pumping shift in down-tuned tempo, upticking the violence in spades with each downward stab. It’s that good ol’ straightforward stuff, bereft of fluff, all without dulling their palpable wrath. There’s as much bark as there is bite here, be warned.

Easy Money and Bun Dem Out’s split is available now on Bandcamp.


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