Daydream: Portland Trio Offers Up a Noisy Punk Jam via “Conscious Raising” (PREMIERE)

Photo courtesy of Dirt Cult Records

The union of Dirt Cult Records and the band Daydream is a beautiful example of the putting your money where your mouth is school of thought. Founder Chris Mason says the Portland trio was one of his favorite groups in his Portland homebase, so he inked them to his long-running label.

Described as "Lebenden Toten through a Jesus Lizard filter," Daydream create a cacophonous racket filled with driving rhythms, wiry bass runs, jagged guitar lines, and vocals dripping with attitude and swagger. The cool thing about is you can still dance to the stuff. Sick.

While Daydream's first record—issued in Italy by Symphony of Destruction—flew under the radar in the States, Dirt Cult is trying to change that awareness factor with the forthcoming release of the band's sophomore album, Mystic Operative.

Listen to a track called "Conscious Raising" below and hear why Mr. Mason fell in love with Daydream for yourself:

Daydream vocalist/bassist Alix told No Echo the following about the track:

“The song continues the narrative of the mystic operative, as this nihilistic journey to nothing, reaching and clawing their way there. Leaving a fucked up mess behind in the search for one's own 'enlightenment.'"  

Mystic Operative is out on December 11th via Dirt Cult Records. Pre-order the vinyl here, and Bandcamp has it available on the digital side of things.


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