Arcline: LA Hardcore Group Teams w/ Hoods Vocalist on “Reptile” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Isaak Morin

Arcline made their No Echo debut back in 2019 around the time they dropped their Gateway Drugs EP. For those of you who haven't checked them out yet, the Los Angeles outfit lays down metallic hardcore that leans into the moshier side of the spectrum.

After their 2020 tour with Born From Pain got canned due to the COVID lockdown, Arcline switched gears and began working on new material. The 3 tracks that would end up being titled Laugh Now, Fry Later finds the band writing about their shared attitude towards modern culture. While they don't veer too far from their original formula on the musical side, the California crew goes a bit darker in their writing approach.

Laugh Now, Fry Later won't be out til next month, but in the meantime you should check out their music video for EP track "Reptile." The song features guest vocals from Mikey Hood of Sacramento bruisers Hoods, and its music video looks like a cooking show you would see on the Food Network if its executives were tripping on a tab of acid:

“Growing up in the early '90s, and witnessing the Rodney King beating by the police, established that ACAB mindset in me as a kid," says vocalist Marty Cole about his "Reptile" lyrics. "It’s unfortunate that we needed to have the tragically fatal George Floyd incident almost 30 years later to virtually unite the entire planet to stand together in protest of the ongoing and historical problem of police brutality that for years law enforcement has managed to quietly evade from in the general public’s eyes.

'"Reptile' is an anger-infused release of emotion based on my past and present frustrations with the 5-0 while promoting self-worth to overcome the struggles of feeling hopeless.”

Laugh Now, Fry Later will be out on October 8th via Upstate Records.

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