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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Sewerslide

Photo: Shaun "CHON" Mares

Band: Sewerslide
From: Denver, Colorado

Their formation story:
(Jackson, drums): “Our two guitarists, Cole and Wyatt, met at a house show like 5 or 6 years ago. Wyatt’s band brought full stacks and a bunch of amps and ended up blowing power to the whole place halfway through their set. After seeing that, I think Cole really wanted to start a band with him (we all really like full stacks / big amps, and playing loud as fuck). About two years after that, Jacob (bassist) started jamming with Cole and Wyatt as a stoner/doom band, but ultimately wanted to push them towards hardcore.

“I joined probably a year after Jacob did. I had actually run into Jacob and Cole a few times in college (Cole tried to fight a friend of mine at a party once) but had never really interacted with them directly until years later at an MS Paint show where they told me about an unnamed hardcore project they were putting together. I didn’t know shit about hardcore at the time, but I pretended like I did so they’d let me join.

“Ike was the final piece. Cole and Jacob used to go see Ike’s old band, Cyst, at 7th Circle and Mutiny and knew they would be a perfect fit. It wasn’t long after that we recorded the demo and played our first show.”

Their sound in their own words:
(Jacob, bass) “The best fitting genre term would be metallic hardcore, but our influences come from a ton of different places. Slayer, Sepultura, Merauder, Judge, Incendiary, Cannibal Corpse, and Pig Destroyer are all notable influences, as well as Parliament Funkadelic, John Carpenter movies and Street Beefs. We love riffs. It’s all about brutal riffs and groovy pit parts. For fans of Power Trip, Blind Justice, New World Man, and God’s Hate."

Latest release info:
(Cole, guitar): “We put out two songs on May 1st: 'What's Left' and 'Glass Jaw.' The latter was our take on a more straightforward punk song. It’s all built around a pretty simple punk progression, but we dress it up with some slam, grind, and thrash. My favorite part of that song is when the punk progression comes back with vengeance as a triplet mosh breakdown.

"'What's Left' was the result of jamming after a frustrating session of trying to write something new and not getting anywhere. We were banging our heads against the wall, trying to fit too many riffs into the same song. We just jammed that main riff from 'What's Left' and the whole song came out fully formed and ready to make people move.

"It’s really rare for us to write something in one session, so we were pretty stoked on it. Ike dug deep for the lyrics on both tracks and did an amazing job capturing the energy of the songs. “When it came time to record, we were absolutely stoked to be able to work with Trae from Like Minded Company (he is the twisted mind behind 10 To the Chest and Mouth For War). Trae knew exactly how to make us sound mean as hell, and we love how the songs turned out.”

Future plans:
(Jackson, drums): “We’ll be headed out west in a couple of weeks for our first tour! Super excited to hit the road with our boys in Polish (check ‘em out). Got some sick shows lined up in the PNW, California, and the Southwest US. Come say what’s up and get some Colorado hardcore straight to the dome."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
(Jackson, drums): “Colorado has such a sick scene right now. Check out Ukko’s Hammer, 10 to the Chest, Direct Threat, Mouth for War, Polish, The Consequence, Candy Apple, Destiny Bond, Wide Man, Asbestos, Edith Pike, Merry, Time X Heist, Flower Language, Death Possession, Burn Unit, Wolfblitzer, Empty4400, Water on the Thirsty Ground, Of Feather and Bone, and Midwife.”

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