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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: DFC

Band: DFC
From: Los Angeles, California

Their formation story:
(Bill, vocals): "Josh (guitars) and I came together in the summer of 2022, after connecting online. Being straight edge and liking a lot of the same bands, we set up a jam session. We wrote our first song, 'Hardcore Forever,' at that first jam and knew we had something good going.

"We were lucky to find Tristan through a mutual friend, after the well-known hurdle of securing a reliable drummer. He fit right in and has really helped us bring our sound to its full potential."

Their sound in their own words:
"'Straight edge moshcore,' or 'metallic hardcore' would fit as well. We try to bring a positive message while still delivering breakdowns, 2-steps, and overall heavy riffs meant to make you move; with a little extra flair thrown in occasionally."

Latest release info:
"We just released our debut EP, Drug Free Crew, last week, which we are super stoked on. We were happy to work with the legendary Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, SECT, Tooth and Claw) who mixed and mastered it and really took our songs to the next level."

Future plans:
"We are planning to start playing some shows here in LA and go from there. Still writing new songs, but excited to bring what we got to a moshpit near you."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"The LA scene is booming right now and these are some of my current favorites: Entry, Fatal Wounds, Upon Stone, Firestarter, Greenwitch."


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