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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Dead at Birth

Photo: Eemi Kettunen

Band: Dead at Birth
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Their formation story:
"It all started way back in late 2019 with our guitarist Heikki writing riffs in his bedroom. He sent our vocalist, Kasper, a couple of riffs and he just exclaimed 'I’m in.' Some of our members shared another band and started jamming songs during their practice. Slowly we grew into a 4-piece band with Heikki on guitar, Kasper on vocals, Timi on drums, and Valtteri on bass.

"After a few practices we felt like we were missing something. And what we were missing was our dear friend Tuomas to play bass for us. Moving Valtteri to second guitar and boom, the band was completed."

Their sound in their own words:
"We’ve been described before as the collision of Cold as Life, Obituary and Merauder while paying homage to legendary Finnish hardcore bands as well. Providing strong lead guitars, raw vocals, and riffs creating a resentful and dismal atmosphere.

"We started out with a desire to play some pretty straight forward hardcore worshiping the '90s NYHC style. Through playing together for a while we noticed that a lot of our metal influences started to show up in our sound, growing ever stronger and stronger."

Latest release info:
"The process of making the demo was quite the struggle to be honest. It was a long rocky road but it all ended up working out pretty well. From the first time we wrote the material and played it live, up to the actual release of the demo, the songs lived on their own and have changed quite a bit. Working with the schedules of five busy guys and the whole pandemic going on, it was hard. But the result ended up being pretty fucking good."

Future plans:
"We’re trying to play as much as possible and we’re in the process of making a full-length record. We’ve got a couple shows lined up and plans on touring abroad as well. We hope to bring Finnish hardcore out to the world as much as we can since there’s a lot of bands out here that don’t really get the recognition they deserve."

Photo: Vainjan

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"We’ve got quite a few out here. The Finnish hardcore scene is doing a lot better right now than it has in a long time and it’s still only growing stronger. To name a few, we’ve got the OG’s in Cutdown—they’ve been doing this shit since most of us were toddlers and still one of the hardest bands around. Blind Eye has to be the most real band to come out of Finland in a while, no doubt.

"Gray State has been keeping Finnish hardcore going for long, and they’ve got something new on the way. Killing Frost, the dark and ambitious Finnish hardcore supergroup. Cold Hearted, the 931 Hatebreed. Health Issues, it’s fast, it’s angry and they’re old (not the band but the guys). Kova Totuus, wild and unpredictable with a huge pissed-off skinhead singing in Finnish."

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