Song of the Day

Nuclear Altar, “Ghostblood Rituals,” from Mankind in Decline (2017)

After releasing a demo back in 2013, Croatia's Nuclear Altar (how fucking cool is that band name?!) has returned with a new batch of songs they've dubbed Mankind in Decline

Nuclear Altar's sound is filthy D-beat with metallic overtones, especially in the guitar department. I could pretty much have chosen anything on this new 13-track demo to highlight, but I think "Ghostblood Ritual" is a great introduction to the trio's filthy writing and playing style. There's a funereal-sounding section at the end of the track that while odd somehow works. As a bonus, "Ghostblood Ritual" sounds like it was recorded on a shitty boombox, and that just adds to the overall mood here.

Mankind in Decline is available for download on Bandcamp.

Tagged: d-beat, hardcore, nuclear altar, punk