Song of the Day

From Corpses Spring Flowers, “This is Not a Pipe,” from Untitled (BTY Records, 2021)

Our Song of the Day is technically not new and dates all the way back to 2007. Emo revival aficionados will know From Corpses Spring Flowers as 1994!, a spastic 2-piece that toed the line between screamo and post-hardcore. 

Members of the band may still bristle at the dreaded e-word, even saying “we didn’t revive shit” in 2014. But back in 2008, 1994! were key figures in the burgeoning Philadelphia scene, opening for the famed Snowing/Algernon Cadwallader tour and even did a split with them as well. 

Now 14 years later, we finally get the arrival of what could be called the band’s debut, showing a peek into what 1994! would become in the ensuing years. Our example for today is “This is Not a Pipe," the second track off of Untitled:

All of the defining characteristics of 1994! Are pretty apparent from the beginning of the track. The lyrics are minimal at best, repeating the same lyric of “I never said anything." 

Chris Parsons, the guitarist, shows off his mathy guitar chops, trying to keep up with the frantic drumming of Michael Kuhn.

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