Concrete Caveman: Philly Trio Hooks Up Filthy Grindcore on Feral LP (PREMIERE)

Making their No Echo debut today, I'd like to introduce you to Concrete Caveman.

The Philadelphia-based trio are purveyors of the kind of grindcore that would have fit right into the classic Earache Records and Relapse Records rosters of the early '90s. Blitzkrieg blast beats, Terrorizer-like guitar riffing, and a putrid mix of death grunts and shouted hardcore vocals coexist in Concrete Caveman's sonic hellscape.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Johnny Busott, drummer Sean Gale, and bassist/vocalist Jimmy Runzer, Concrete Caveman dropped a killer EP last year called Chasm, and they're returning later this week Feral, their 12-track debut album.

No Echo was hooked up with an early stream of the album for our readers today. Blast away, our friends:

Johnny from Concrete Caveman sent us the following thoughts on Feral:
"To sum up the record in as few words as possible, Feral boils down to: technology bad. It's a reflection of the world as we see it slowly unravel into an ever more chaotic, violent and unhinged nightmare. That being said we wanted the production to reflect that philosophy so we recorded Feral live over two weekends in Philadelphia with our good friend, Dan Angel, who we worked with over the last two releases.

"We did it all live except the vocals because we wanted to capture the sound of a band playing in a big room, something we feel is lost in a lot of modern recordings. There's no smoke and mirrors, nothing to hide behind what you hear is us playing these songs over and over until we got it right. Sometimes it was the first take, sometimes the 10th, but whatever you are hearing is us banging our heads against the wall until we broke through the damn thing."  

Feral will be released on November 10th on 12” LP (via Strange Mono), CD (via Dolarhyde), cassette, and digital (via Concrete Caveman's Bandcamp page).


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