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Death Tapes, “Revive,” from Preface (2020)

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“Are you alive?”

This is what keeps vocalist/drummer Lys Mayo awake at night on “Revive," the closing track on Sacto post-hardcore trio, Death Tapes’, first offering, Preface.

The person she’s left concerned for is a close friend whose struggles with addiction eventually drove a wedge in their, at one point, inseparable bond.

“One day she stopped answering my calls and I haven’t seen her in over two years.” Mayo explained. “The song touches on what it’s like to struggle with your own existence while trying to keep someone you care about from drowning within themselves”

For fans of Touché Amoré, Gouge Away, and United Nations, Death Tapes takes us on an emotional and cathartic roller coaster that is equal parts delicate and unhinged, raw nerve. Recorded at guitarist Pat Hills’ studio, Earth Tone Recording Company, the production on Preface helps to highlight that dynamic. Everything feels crisp and focused, while still allowing the material plenty of room to breathe.

With no current plans for a physical release of this effort, the band have already begun writing and plotting their next move including exploring the idea of filling out their lineup for the purpose of live performances.

If this is just the Preface, I anxiously await seeing how the rest of Death Tapes’ story unfolds.


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