Song of the Day

Dead Heat, “S.E.E.D.” (2017)

I previously told you about Dead Heat in my 12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Watch in 2017 list a few months back, and the California band is back with new artillery.

"S.E.E.D." appeared on Bandcamp earlier this month and it finds Dead Heat in pure beast mode. I previously compared the group to Merauder and Leeway, and that kind of school of metallic hardcore groove is definitely in effect on this new track. Yes, these guys know their way around a fat riff and know how to ride it. "S.E.E.D." starts off with a melodic yet ominous intro and then switches over into some relentless thrashing before getting back into groove mode. This stuff is nasty!

I'm not certain if Dead Heat have hooked up with a record label yet, but once these gentlemen manage to get an album out, I'll be first in line to scoop it up.

*Band photo on homepage courtesy of Jacob McClain.

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