Spirit Crusher, Demo 2015 (Power & Equality, 2015)

Spirit Crusher is a new hardcore outfit from Germany who bow at the altar of The Age of Quarrel-era Cro-Mags. Naturally, I dig them.

I first came across Spirit Crusher on the B9 message board in late 2015 when someone posted a link to their demo on the band's Bandcamp page. I was instantly hooked by the hard yet moody guitar riffs in the intro to opening demo cut, "Losing Touch." It's the kind of intro part that lets you know the rest of the song is going to be pure beast mode. Musically, "Losing Touch" (like the rest of the demo) gives off strong Cro-Mags vibes, but it's not 'til the vocals come in that you truly hear the direct influence of the NYHC icons. John Joseph's punk-ish vocal delivery has clearly had an impact on Dom, Spirit Crusher's frontman.

Featuring five tracks, Spirit Crusher's demo never lets up. There are plenty of breakdowns and moshy parts, but what I appreciate the most about the demo is how catchy the whole thing is. The closing cut, "Rage to Live," has a How Will I Laugh Tomorrow... thing going on during the intro and verse sections, so Suicidal Tendencies fans should also take notice. I've included the stream to the song below, so you can hear the Venice Beach-ready tune for yourself.

I'm not certain what Spirit Crusher's plans are for 2016, but I sure hope they include recording a full-length.

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