6 Swedish Underrated ‘90s Hardcore Bands

Eclipse (Photo found on Facebook)

When I decided to run '90s Hardcore Week on the site, one of the people I wanted to reach out to possibly contribute was Marc Strömberg. Since he began going to shows in the Umeå hardcore scene during that era as a pre-teen, I knew he would be the perfect person to write up a fun list of hardcore bands that are well-known in Sweden, but not necessarily outside of it. Enjoy! -Carlos Ramirez


Forced Into

From the south, Forced Into only released this EP, a split 7" and, to me, their very best work, a song for the Still Screaming comp (Burning Heart Records). Noisy and moshy like Turmoil. Unfortunately, the singer, Jesper Olofsson, passed away. I would have loved so so so much to have more material from them.


Umeå band that mixed in black metal vibes really early. This lineup includes people who would later form both Cult of Luna and DS-13, and played a couple of dates with Earth Crisis in Scandinavia during their Gomorrah's Season Ends tour. Three years later, Eclipse released a 10” named The Jehovah Congress with a different lineup. That one is also extremely well-written, mixing punky hardcore with black metal.

Section 8

Not the American band with the same name, but a really aggressive kinda old-school band. This album is border '90/'00s, but they released an EP with some of these songs in 1999, and also a 7” before that. Driving, angry, well-produced and, because of the 2000s trend, a little rock ’n’ roll-y.


If I have to choose The Best Swedish Hardcore Band of All Time, Breach is Number 1 every time. They never did a bad album, and every release creates its own universe and style. Venom is their darkest, and has my favorite songs on it. Seriously, the guitar work is so well-written and smart. It has not aged a day, and bands are still trying to catch up to this masterpiece.


This is not classic, screamy hardcore, but hardcore music with sung vocals. Would have been perfect on a Quicksand tour. Fireside's drummer, Per Nordmark, also played in Breach, and their guitarist, Pelle Gunnerfeldt, produced the early Refused albums.


One of Umeå and Swedens hidden gems. Never released a real record of their own, only a split 7”, a demo and comp songs. Singer Jonas later formed Asterisk*. Guitarist Marty X has one of the best voices in hardcore ever (the higher-pitched one), and can be heard on several Abhinanda and Final Exit songs (including the intro to Final Exit’s Umeå).


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