5 Favorite Bands That Rock Odd Time Signatures, by God Mother

Photo: Stephen Odom

I don't know what the fuck is in the water in Stockholm, but damn, that city knows how to pump out excellent hardcore and metal bands. God Mother is no exception to that idea. Their sound can best be described as a focused blitzkrieg of hardcore, crust, and noise rock, with dizzying tempo shifts that create an almost nervous tension to the listening experience.

With two self-released EP's and a critically acclaimed full-length under their belts, the quintet is now part of the Party Smasher Inc. recording stable, making them labelmates with Dillinger Escape Plan, Primitive Weapons, and Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. "Weak" (it's below) is a fine introduction to God Mother's aural assault, and it's on the group's forthcoming album, Vilseledd.

Since they're obviously fans of the whole keeping listeners guessing thing, No Echo asked the members of God Mother for a list of some of their favorite bands that rock odd time signatures. 

Cult Leader, "Skin Crawler" 

"Cult Leader is for me one the most influential bands both as a musician and songwriter. Their aggressive mix of mathcore/hardcore is a real force to be reckoned with. Touring with them last year was a great experience and honor for us as a new and upcoming band and we definitely learned a lot during that time. Great music, great guys," Michael Dahlström (drums)

Hella, "The Things That People Do When They Think No One's Looking"  

"Hella is my favorite band and I think that 'There's No 666 in Outer Space' is probably the best album in the world. Zach Hill always inspires me and everything from Hella, Bygones, Death Grips, and his solo albums are pure gold. If you are into odd time signatures they are all over the place here," Daniel Noring (bass)

Frank Zappa, "Keep It Greasy"  

"Pretty much every Frank Zappa song has a weird time signature somewhere, it feels wrong not mentioning him on here. I still discover new stuff in his music when listening to it and there is so many recordings to choose from. The live recordings are always more fun to listen to as things tend to never be as they are on the studio albums. One of the greatest," Max Lindström (guitar)

The Armed, "Spreading Joy"

"With enough time hopping between riffs to twist some heads, The Armed start at eleven and end at twelve. Often with a build-up towards a solid 4/4 as a reward. This 5 song EP made such an impression on me that I still spin it once a week," Sebastian Campbell (vocals)

Karpis, "Wild Seed From The Whore"

"Stockholm-based Karpis have been a band we've looked up to ever since we started playing music. Being a couple of years older than us they always experimented and thought new things to us, much like a big brother. The first God Mother show was set up together with Karpis. Who knows what would have happened to us if it weren't for them," God Mother (group choice)


God Mother's Vilseledd album will arrive in stores on Oct. 20 via Party Smasher Inc. and can be pre-ordered in several bundles.

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