Seek Nothing: Berlin HC Crew Whip Up a Dancefloor Beast with “Coma” (SONG PREMIERE)

Formed in 2015, Seek Nothing is a Berlin-based hardcore outfit that knows their way around a mosh part. Lifted from their forthcoming M.A.F. EP, "COMA" is a perfect representation of that claim. The song builds from a rumbling drum pattern and then eventually gives way to a dirty bass line that erupts into a full-on, dance-floor-ready conclusion.

"'COMA' is one of our older songs that we have been playing live for a year or so before we decided to include it on the EP," says Seek Nothing vocalist Mike. "It's really great fun to play and is probably our most straight up hardcore tracks, literally designed to just make people dance. Lyrically, it is best described as a tale of time travel before the eventual enslavement of human kind and bowing to our simian overlords."

Check out the track in this exclusive premiere.

Seek Nothing's M.A.F. EP will be out in the coming week and is available on their Bandcamp page.

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