Soothing (Ex-Trash Talk, Sinking Ships) Bring Blackened Hardcore & Crust (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Elizabeth Devine 

Soothing is a duo that specializes in a style of music that while tough to nail down with a single genre tag, many No Echo readers will definitely dig.

Featuring musicians who have played in such bands as Trash Talk, A Storm of Light, and Sinking Ships, Sinking incorporates everything from black metal to crust to '80s hardcore punk into  their offense. All in, it's a gruff and relentless approach.

Sonic comparisons have been made to groups like Bone Awl and Raspberry Bulbs, and that's a great place to start, if you're looking for that kind of thing to help steer you.

Soothing just released a 5-song EP, and No Echo is happy to help premiere their music video for a track from the record called "Born a Mission":

Soothing sent the following about "Born a Mission" to No Echo via email:

"Life is about pushing forward, challenging yourself and finding your limits. Once you've reached the edge there's nowhere else to go and all you can do is either turn around or jump off. Always jump.

"The quest for expression through any means is something we all seek. Keep pushing. Keep digging."  

The Soothing EP is out and available on Bandcamp


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