Sick Minds: Boston Hardcore Quintet Drop “Empty” Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Sarah Foisy

Sick Minds first came to life back in 2016 with the sole purpose of crafting ugly hardcore in line with the spirit of their hometown, Boston, MA. The members of Sick Minds have formerly played in such bands as Kimachi, RAT TRAP, and Taxi Driver, and last year they released an EP entitled Lose Your Grip, supporting it via a 10-date tour.

After releasing the “Liar” single this past spring April, Sick Minds inked a deal with Patient Zero Records. Not wasting any time, the Massachusetts-based label will be dropping a split 7" featuring Sick Minds and Fire & Flood, a hardcore group from Charleston, SC. 

Directed by Nick Court of Killing It Entertainment, No Echo is bringing you the music video premiere of "Empty," a Sick Minds track from the forthcoming split release:

If you haven't heard Fire & Flood yet, you can dig into their music on Bandcamp. The combo features musicians who've also been in Homebuilder, Barriers, and Formations, among other bands. 

The Sick Minds x Fire & Flood split 7" will be out in December, but you can pre-order the record directly from Patient Zero Records at this link.

Sick Minds social media pages: Facebook | Instagram
Fire & Flood social media pages: Facebook | Instagram


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