Repellent: Minneapolis Musician’s New Solo Project Is Fast Hardcore Gold

Photo: Dan Jensen

Solo projects aren't all that common in the hardcore world, let alone multiple ones coming from the same musician. In the case of Morgan Carpenter, he's released material as Prison Shank and that led to his latest lone outing.

"I approached a well known label about doing a Prison Shank record by sending him a record," Morgan tells me. "He loved the record, unbeknownst to him initially that he was listening to it on 45 when it was a 33. He was so excited about what he initially heard that he asked if I could write some songs that sounded like that, call it something new, and he would put it out. I saw it as a challenge, and almost like being commissioned to make music, so I accepted."

The Minneapolis-based musician—who has also played in such bands as Hive and Sawblade in addition to his solo ventures—worked on the new material for close to a year. "When it finally landed as something I thought sounded really good, the label did not agree," Morgan admits. "I held firm and ultimately they said 'thanks but no thanks.'

"I was initially pretty sour on the whole experience and was ready to let the entire idea/project die, but a couple close friends encouraged me to shop it around and be proud of what I created. After some time to let things settle, that's what I did, and here we are."

That takes us to Morgan's new solo project, Repellent. "In a nutshell, I would describe Repellent as fastcore. I think I borrowed heavily from the speed of European '80s thrash, the anger of '80s American hardcore, and the delivery of '90s California power violence. I wanted it to be short, concentrated bursts in every song that when compiled all together, was more like a gatling gun than a bomb going off. The lyrics and delivery are just as much antagonistic as they are nihilistic.

"Some of my specific influences when writing were Heresy, Lärm, Hellnation, Civilized, and early Poison Idea."

Homemade Bomb is the just-released debut offering from Repellent:

"The plus side of a failed full length is that it makes for a series of very concise and concentric smaller releases. Damien Records was able to be the first to pick from the batch and amassed seven blasting songs that barely break the 3-minute mark. The artwork and layout was handled by myself, and the record is going to be available in small quantity lathe 7-inch via Damien."

Not surprisingly, Morgan's already got the next Repellent drops planned out. "My second release will be the Dog Tag EP, which will come out in early 2023 via 625 Thrashcore, on cassette. As well, a few splits are planned with Eyeteeth (from UK) and Sidetracked. I have assembled a lineup for live shows, so something may happen live this year as well."


Homemade Bomb is available now across all streaming outlets. The lathe 7-inch will out soon via Damien Records.  


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