Nuclear Desolation Provides Stomping Death Metal Groove on "Eyes Wide Open" (PREMIERE)

Photo: Courtney Breen

Nuclear Desolation have been perfecting their crossover of death metal, hardcore, and thrash since forming in 2017. Since that time, the North Carolina-based quintet has worked through some membership shifts, finally welcoming in current vocalist Blaine Cardwell on last year's Pain EP.

Citing such influences as Cannibal Corpse, Incendiary, and Dying Fetus, Nuclear Desolation got their lineup locked in tight for the recording sessions to Formless, their forthcoming debut album.

Recorded this past summer, Formless will be infecting record stores next month, and No Echo is pleased to bring you the premiere of one of its tracks, a mosh-friendly ditty called "Eyes Wide Open":

"It's song detailing the emotional hardship with losing a loved one, the struggles of coming to terms with it, and the lasting impact of the pain shadowed upon others around you," Nuclear Desolation drummer Raine Rumple tells No Echo. 

"With influences of death metal, crossover, and grindcore, 'Eyes Wide Open' is one of the most stylistically complex songs in our catalog which compliments the sound direction for the new album."

Formless will be out November 20th via Innerstrength Records. The pre-order just went live today.

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