Milwaukee Metal Fest Summary Part 2 of 4: A Metal Odyssey

In this second summary article about Milwaukee Metal Fest, I’m also going to include photos from the pre-party which was held on the 16th of May and doubled as the release party for Jasta’s new solo record, ...And Jasta For All

I can’t say enough about the inspiring energy felt when I saw the Jasta set. Jamey has such genuine gratitude to be able to bring back Milwaukee Metal Fest and cares about everyone enjoying their time at the fest as much as possible.

The Jasta band included Apollo on drums, guitarists Charlie Bellmore and Nick Petrino, as well as bassist Christopher Beaudette with guest appearances by Bobby Hambel of Biohazard, Steve “Zetro” Sousa of Exodus, along with Hoya and Danny Diablo of Smoke AxD. It was the perfect start to the weekend of music and I also caught a set from the local Wisconsin Thrash band Toxic Ruin. 

Jasta (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)

I will feature photos of most of the artists I saw on day 1 in this article as well as photos from the pre-party I mentioned. Rather than trying to break down every set, especially because I wasn’t physically able to be present for the entire set of most bands, I’ve done my best to include a few photos from each band that I didn’t already highlight in my first article so you all can have an idea of what went on each day.

Eagles Ballroom (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)

This format will also be followed in my summary of days 2 and 3. I hope for fans of these bands that this either brings them back to enjoying the set during Milwaukee Metal Fest or encourages them to not miss the next opportunity they have to see one of these bands live. I also hope that this might act as an introduction point for some reading these summaries. While I knew the names of most of the bands playing; I’m grateful to have been able to hear their music live and have a full perspective on their sound.

Thanks for checking out my photo work in documenting Milwaukee Metal Fest and make sure to support these bands.

Symphony X (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Overkill (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Overkill (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Profanatica (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Profonatica (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
HammerFall (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
HammerFall (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Eternal Champion (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Kamelot (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Necrofier (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Incantation (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Incantation (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)
Blind Guardian (Photo: Bendetto Manzella)