Detach the Islands Bring Controlled Chaos on “Reset Yourself to Zero” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Nick Karp

You can best describe the songwriting and musicianship of Detach the Islands with two words: controlled chaos.

The brainchild of drummer Emmett Ceglia, the Brooklyn, NY-based band clearly understands how to deliver complex arrangements, but the clincher here is how effortless they make it all sound. In other words, while Detach the Islands are certainly techy in their delivery, things still manage to sound catchy, something that isn't easy to pull off.

Next month, Detach the Islands will be dropping their debut full-length release, The Burden to Become Fact, and No Echo is premiering a track from it called "Reset Yourself to Zero" for your listening pleasure:

"This is probably as straight forward as the band gets and it’s core is a no-frills punk song: it gets in, makes its point, and gets out," Emmett says. "Fear not, there’s plenty of weirdness to chew on. 
Jagged guitars short-circuit over a vicious bass lines through each verse as dissonance churns unresolved. Things only briefly clear up in the beginning of the choruses as power chords take over. However they quickly fall back into manic squabbling come the sections’ end. Incessant D-beats propel the entire track at non-stop freight train pace with only athletic fills and the odd measure of silence to break up the relentless stick work.

"Lyrically, 'Reset Yourself to Zero' deals with the feelings of political powerlessness; how nothing important to you is what is important to structures of power; how our system is meant to give us a voice but then keep that voice silent. These are delivered with vocals that seem ready to rip through the speakers at any moment, urgently spitting their rage with every word."

Photo: Nick Karp

Detach the Islands will release The Burden to Become Fact on cassette and digital formats via Dental Records on July 5. You can pre-order it at this link and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Album release show:
7/07/2019 The Footlight – Queens, NY w/ Wreath of Tongues and Dead Empires

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