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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Agency

Band: Agency
From: Beckley, West Virginia

Their origin story:
(Ian Lindsey, guitarist): "We formed in the winter of 2020, as four guys bored from the pandemic, but Jeremy (drums) and I started messing with ideas and riffs in late 2019 with plans to make something heavy. Zach (bass) and Zack (vocals) came in shortly thereafter. I wouldn’t say we ever really planned on being a real band at first, but after our first show at our local DIY spot, we got a lot of love and it was too fun to not continue to write songs. 

Their sound in their own words:
"I would describe our sound as fast and loud to someone who’s never heard us. We all draw influences from all different kinds of bands. I think some of them are pretty blatant and obvious and maybe others not so much. In the early days I think a lot of influence came from bands like Cursed, His Hero is Gone, and Baptists. We constantly introduce each other to bands we love and you can hear them creep in over time.

"In 2022, we got play with a ton of awesome bands including Yautja, Portrayal of Guilt, and EyeHateGod, who are all huge influences on us."

Latest release info:
"The most recent demo was just a little release we wanted to throw out as something new to share our development. Robbie Lanham at Monarch Studios in Beckley, West Virginia did a stellar job with our first release, and we wanted to see what we could do if it was just us in a basement with a few mics. I think it’s a pretty transparent representation of who we are live."

Future plans:
"We’ve got a solid handful of one off shows in store for this spring/summer and a small tour in the Midwest region planned for June which should be announced soon. We’d like to also release some more new music sometime this spring. Our only social media presence is Instagram—any and all shows will be shared there!"

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Everyone should check out Crown Vic (Huntington, West Viriginia) and Vulgar Royalty (Morgantown, West Virginia). Both bands are dear friends of ours and deserve all the love.

"Our bassist, Zach is in an indie band called the Wearing Hands, and they rip up the East Coast—catch them everywhere. Hostile Takedown, although from Virginia, has gone out of their way to include us in the scene in Roanoke and make us feel welcome. I have to shout out our homies Driltusk from Philly and Black Mask from Pittsburgh as well!"

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